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Playing with the Math Lab

Without a doubt, we have all thought …

If they had taught me math like this.”

As parents and educators we probably learned mathematics by repeating tables and memorizing formulas, which sometimes we did not fully understand.

My intention as a mother and educator is that the minors may experiment for themselves by walking along side them and providing the necessary tools for their learning process. I want your experience to be the starting point for your learning process and not my previous experience that in many cases could be biased. I am always looking for new learning strategies and fun tools to learn, so today I will tell you about our experience with the Num Lab .

Learning mathematics is a Universe that involves more than just numbers. We can start by teaching children several basic concepts of classification, seriation, patterns, sets, etc. For this, the Num Lab can be used in many different fun ways. Without directly telling the child “ We are going to learn this concept” , we can introduce basic concepts using the test tubes and classifying the molecules by color. Then we can assign the value of units, tens and hundreds according to the color of the value and immediately we start the game … “Let’s imagine that we are in a laboratory and these molecules are for …” Let your child complete the sentence with his imagination and you will see fun for hours.

Learning mathematics should be natural and not imposed. Since we cannot ignore that all learning process entails an emotional componant, playing and transmitting confidence makes the student / child believe in their own capacity. By experimenting, the child is allowed to discover and learn by himself, which is why when giving a new toy to my daughter, I propose she discovers alone in how to use it. Even though this experience leads her to logically think, it is always necessary to provide support and guidance to ask questions. In our adventure with the Num Lab , her first impression was to take the pencil and start to remove the molecules from the test tubes, we took the opportunity to work on the concepts of full and empty. Then, she began to classify them by color and from that moment we were already learning, we were developing mathematical skills, abilities and concepts.

The NumLab also allows the practice of addition and subtraction with objects, which is great, because at their brain level childern need concrete resourses to be able to understand these topics. Humans learn by doing, so toys and manipulative resources are an excellent way to learn math.

Being able to easily erase the board allows the famous “mistake” be seen as an opportunity for improvement and not as a intimidation for the child; This will give him self-confidence and know that if he didn’t succeed at the first opportunity, with practice, at some point he will.

The Num Lab is a material that helps generate concepts and consolidate the knowledge that you already have. Its easy handling, size and versatility of activities make this fun resource a great educational toy for learning mathematical concepts.

And you, what resources do you use to teach the little ones math?

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