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Welcome to our blog

In this space you can find our ideas, knowledge and dreams embodied in words. Our intention is that you come to see education, parenting and especially children differently. None of our opinions are conclusive, rather, you will find different dialogues and opinions with the same feeling. We will strive to create content that makes you think and research. Because in the end, what we seek is to guide children in their learning process.

If for a moment you think that these articles will be directed only to parents, you are wrong. This blog is for anyone who knows a child and who in one way or another yearns for their well-being. Also for those who want and aim for better society. Since children will become leaders, entrepreneurs, employees and citizens when they are adults in a world that we long for, will be a little better (because we simply cannot stop trying to make it that way). So, we should care how we interact and guide these little people in their process of becoming contributing citizens to a society in need.

The adults’ role is to prepare an environment for the child, to guide her interaction with that environment and to give her freedom with responsibility.

Paula Polk Lillard

And if you’re just reading this by chance. Congratulations! Perhaps something that is written here arouses your curiosity and encourages you to learn more. Because we are surrounded by brilliant little minds, who require us to let them explore, discover and learn.