¡Bienvenidos a nuestra tienda online!
1 Avenida 6-42 Colonia Monserrat 1 Zona 4 de Mixco Guatemala, 01057
Lunes a Viernes de 9am - 5pm
¿En dónde puedo adquirir sus productos?

We are currently an online store and we distribute our products throughout Guatemala through a private courier service. However, we can also assist you in our office by appointment ( request it here ) and purchase the product directly there.

¿Realizan envíos a toda Guatemala?

Yes, however, we are dependent on the restrictions of our courier service. Our products may not be shipped to areas of high risk or limited access.

¿Realizan envíos a otros países?

Unfortunately not yet, but we are working so that you may soon receive our products in your country. If you live outside of Guatemala you can write to us here, we would like to know what country you are from and which products interest you. This will help us know our market and guide our efforts.

¿Por qué debo esperar por algunos productos?

We are a family business with a small team. Our inventory is produced according to the demand of our clients. For this reason, sometimes you will find that all our products are in stock and other times there will be a waiting time for indicated products. We appreciate your understanding regarding these differences.

¿Cuál es el tiempo de fabricación de un producto?

The time depends on the product. However, we strive to get your order shipped within 7 business days (or as indicated on your purchase). If not, we will inform you of the change and give you the option to cancel your order.

¿Los juguetes son hechos a mano?

With the exception of the machinery that we use to cut the pieces, everything is assembled and finished by Guatemalan hands. The product that the children will have in their hands will have been manufactured with care and detail.

¿Qué garantía ofrecen en sus productos?

Our toys are designed to be handled by children, between the ages established by the product. They were created to be used with the care of a child under the instruction of an adult and, therefore, their durability will depend on how they are used. For this reason we cannot offer you any guarantees. However, you will be able to review and claim your product during the next 24 hours after delivery due to a manufacturing defect or mishandling of the courier service.

¿Cuál es su política de cambio y/o devolución?

We can exchange your product if a claim is made in the period of 24 hours after delivery due to manufacturing defect or damage by mishandeling of the courier service. The time and modality of change will be informed depending on the case. We do not do refunds.

Algunos productos tienen partes pequeñas ¿puede ser peligroso para el niño?

All of our products are designed to be used under the supervision of an adult. We believe that manipulation of small objects is necessary for the correct fine motor development in children. We recommend that you consider the age range established for each toy and always pay close attention to the child during its use. Keep in mind that supervision does not necessarily imply intervening in the child’s process.