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Deseamos inspirarte a educar integralmente a los niños

We are a family business that designs and manufactures toys. We believe that the child is a whole person, that their opinion is important and that their value is equal to that of any adult in the world. This is how LimeTree begins, seeking to design materials that support children in their development; in their process of being independent adults to get to collaborate in the society in which they live.

LimeTree tiene sus raíces
en un oficio familiar.

Our grandfather was a teacher and a carpenter and our father’s hobby is carpentry. We grew up with hand-built toys and we played in sawdust. We want new generations of children to also be surrounded by carefully assembled things, toys that inspire them to appreciate and contribute to their creativity and critical thinking.

El papel de los adultos es preparar un entorno para el niño, orientar su interacción con ese entorno y darle libertad con responsabilidad.

Paula Polk Lillard