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Cool ideas with Anatomic

The things our children play with are important. The environment that surrounds them gives them a perception of the world in which they belong. Perhaps, for this reason María Montessori insisted on keeping things real and functional as part of the environment prepared for the child. And with this in mind, we created Anatomic . It is tangible and manufactured with delicacy and precision. Its goal is to improve the child’s understanding of his body.

“We want any object that we give to the child under the age of three for independent play to enhance our ultimate goal: connection with others and an understanding of his world.”

-Paula P. Lillard (Book: Montessori from the Start)

In case you haven’t heard of Anatomic, this game introduces children to the wonderful function of the human body and its complex systems. In a simple and fun approach, it shows children to recognize and associate parts of the body they experience with every day but cannot see.

It includes 4 systems (digestive, respiratory, circulatory and skeleton) , 1 base, 1 cover (boy or girl), 2 dowels and 11 organs and bones.

If you are new and did not know us, LimeTree is a small Guatemalan company that designs games and educational tools. In this journey of creating and manufacturing we have met great people and companies. Such as, Play, Learn and Share and their fun products.

Play, Learn and Share designs educational packs for children in digital and printable format, stimulating motor skills, language and the notion of numbers. The new pack of the human body, turned out to complement very well with our favorite product: Anatomic.

You can see and get more information about the human body pack here .

Here are some ideas that you can implement when you purchase the two products:

Idea 1: We match the cards with the corresponding organ.

Idea 2: We place the bones according to size. We then look for the large, medium, and small bones in the skeletal system.

Idea 3 : As we explore the body, we keep track of where each organ is located. We observe, cut and paste.

Idea 4: We see and understand how our heart carries blood throughout our body.

Anatomic can be used in many more ways with all the activities in the pack! It’s a perfect ally to encourage learning and a more fun twist to the tool. Don’t forget to check out Play, Learn and Share. And to celebrate our compatibility we decided to do a collaboration with a combo.

You can get more information or purchase the combo here.

May your little ones continue to enjoy learning!

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